Ken Gay

For the past twenty years I have been an unhealthy significantly overweight man. I have through my own lack of self-discipline caused unrepeatable damage to my once fit and healthy body, more specifically to the temple of which God gave me on loan to care for.

The time has come for me a servant and deacon of Christ to make a permanent change. To clean out and clean up the temple I received at berth. I invite you to follow me on this journey, to pray for me and support me as I strive to reach the first ninety-day milestone.

Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. -Jim Rohn

My 140 Day Plan

After several starts, stops and failures I have created a three stage plan to become the healthy person that has been buried under two-hundred pounds of fat for the past twenty years.

  • Phase one: An sixty-day water fast
  • Phase two: A ninety-day three stage workout program
  • Phase three: A low carb-high protein one meal a day plan

The ultimate goal to be achieved  no later than July 20th 2020 is to weight in at 225 pounds. Be able to jog two miles daily and do what I like to refer to as 100 ups daily, (100 push-ups and sit-ups.)